The Pixie & The Scout is a collaboration between Jonathan Hittinger and Katy McNulty. It is a network of growers, producers & foragers ... a celebration of time-honored techniques discovered inside some the finest kitchens … an aesthetic expression composed of simple, exquisite details … a commitment to cooking and eating toward the future of food.

The Pixie and the Scout began as an experiment.

After several years of cooking professionally in New York City and abroad, we decided to begin a dining project of our own. Borrowing a few of our favorite elements of great restaurant dining -- attention to detail; devotion to deliciousness; the buying power to support dozens of superb food producers -- we hoped that we could marry these elements to our own intimate and collaborative brand of hospitality.

What followed was a series of meals … some were goofy, some serious; some were elaborate, others rustic; some involved just a handful of people, others more. We began to feel like a band of foraging & cooking troubadours and it seemed we had stumbled upon a successful recipe: 

EQUAL partS Delicious Ingredients & Intelligent Hospitality PLUS ONE dash OF dining Magic (to taste).

Today, The Pixie and The Scout is more than a roaming dinner series. What began as a delicious dinner party featuring the hard work of our farming & fishing friends, has grown into a robust brand of special events. We work with new clients every day who challenge us to come up with even better ways to tell the stories of the amazing food we bring. We are committed to the highest level of sustainability we can achieve in the way that we source, cook & serve food.

Our business has grown; our philosophy is the same. Cheers to many more years of celebration!

photo credit: Ashley Sears © 2014 

photo credit: Ashley Sears © 2014