The Pixie Scout culinary workshops are interactive and participatory. Come ready to work. We’ll put salt, knives and money into your hands (not at all at the same time!) and ask you to think like a chef. We will never ask you to work on an empty stomach and we’ll never send you away empty-handed.

PRESERVES LESS TRAVELED                                            $75

 Have you mastered the art of quick pickling? Do you already have a shelf full of fruits & vegetables in mason jars? Or do you throw up your hands at the entire “preserving movement” knowing that it takes enough work just to make dinner tonight?

Rest assured. We promise not to send you home with any more jarred food ready for collecting dust. And we promise that every technique taught in this class will be VERY relevant to forthcoming “dinners tonight.” This is the workshop on OUT of the ordinary preservation. Simple tricks for capturing the very BEST of a particular harvest season … as well as making simple staples to sophisticate your pantry. And we'll even whip up some dishes to show you what we mean.

 Class Duration: 2 ½ hours. Class Limit: 15. Class includes light refreshments & bevys, printed recipes and a Pixie Scout jumbo canvas tote full of preserved goodies!

PIG BUTCHERING FOR THE SURVIVALIST                          $140

One whole 200 LB pig. Join us as we fabricate an entire pig into the measure of its many parts. You will leave this class with more than just a freezer full of meat – we’ll show you how to preserve your butchered parts for the long haul and teach you ideal processing and cooking methods for each part of the this amazing animal – no bits left behind! We’ll keep you nourished with pig and pig-worthy beverages as you work.

Class Duration: 3 ½ hours. Class Limit: 10. Class includes porky refreshments and bevys, printed butchering guide and recipes and a Pixie Scout jumbo canvas tote FULL of pig … approx. 10 lb of primals, braising, ground and preserved meat!


 8:00 AM Meet at the Union Square Greenmarket. Grab a coffee and slowly start to process Jonathan’s enthusiasm for early morning market shopping. Take the Chef’s pick list and your market dollars (included in ticket price) around the Saturday Greenmarket. Meet a handful of the finest MidAtlantic Food Producers. It's a morning in the life of a market-driven Chef and a sunrise SCAVENGER HUNT you will not soon forget!

Class Duration: 2 hours. Class Limit: 12. Class includes light breakfast refreshments; printed market guide to NYC Greenmarkets; market dollars and a Pixie Scout jumbo canvas tote bag to carry home your loot!

ALTERNATIVE & ANCIENT GRAINS                                  $75

All around the globe for over 1000 years, societies have been cultivating grains. In the United States we often and acurately associate “grain” with our most processed industrial food supply. But throughout the world and right here, in the Hudson River Valley, grain and legume production represents a rich part of agricultural and culinary heritage. We’ll explore regional varieties of grains and legumes, demonstrate cooking techniques, create and eat finished dishes, and send you off with a starter pantry of our local favorites.

Class duration: 2 ½ hours. Class Limit: 15. Class includes light refreshments & bevys, printed recipes and a Pixie Scout jumbo canvas tote bag full of grain goodies!