The Pixie and The Scout is not just a catering company – it is a multi-faceted events brand. Our clients care about sustainability, singularity and excellence – often they are looking for an event experience that is just a little bit more memorable than the last one they attended! From our studio of props and serving vessels in Brooklyn, to the personality of our servers, to the creativity of our menus, we believe in crafting every event specifically for each client.

Pixie Scout events are marked by their focus on food – with ingenuity and attention to technical details, we bring the magic of fine restaurant dining into your particular venue. Preparing the freshest, most sustainably harvested ingredients, sourced through our many farming and fishing friends, is the theme of every Pixie Scout gathering. This is the starting point for every menu and every dish; and we think this is the foundation for great hospitality.

We are a custom catering company. The photo gallery below just a small sampling of the work we have produced. Contact our Events Producer today to receive a quote and menu proposal for your next event:

Photos credited to Ashley Sears © 2014, 2016 and Jason Wyche © 2013.