half way to heaven ...

As many or most of you know … we launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the remaining funds needed to build out our kitchen … we set our goal at $25,000 and we are more than HALF WAY THERE with more than half a month of time remaining!! This is FANTASTIC and we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the 70+ souls that have made this a reality. Coming soon to our website will be a more permanent wall of fame in our "Contributors" section. But for now … we tip our caps to:

Anne Kuprenas. Vicki Coward. Karen Jenkins. Sarah Hamaker. Brian Whisler. Marilynn & Larry Knowles. Brant Shapiro. Carl Meyer. Jaime Sebba. Frank Shults. Kyle. Kathy Tubb. Walker Angell. Jamison Galt. Rebekah Wallin. Susan Huber. Frederick Kuhl. Samantha Ross. Elizabeth Wilson. Carolyn Glidden. Tania Goicoechea. Scott Worthington. Michele Pravda. Alisia de Maar. Eva Ting. Robert & Joyce Gordon. Jan & Walter Hobbs. Adam (Parm). Michelle Knott. Alia Rose Connor. Meaghan Ritchey. Elisha Nuchi. Jason. Wendy Jennings. Nathalie Jordi. Marsha Quinn. Dan & Aerin Bryant. Nancy Ruiz. Diane Bond. Igor Bernstein. Andrew Sherman. Mark & Kathy Thomson. Ryan Young. Megan Maley. Hilary Rose. Jonathan & Liz Slager. Mary Lyn McGinn. Gloria Serpe. Livia Beasley. Andrew Coffin. Joshua David Cotton.
Sam. Christel Smallman. Anni McNulty. Ope Bukola. Ken Millican. David. Anna Rice. Eleanor Friedman. Rebecca Coffin Anderson. Alissa Clark Wilkinson. Carrie Quinn. Gina Rothschild. Randall Leazer. Tommy Colella. Derek Steele. Amy Jenkins.
Sarah Coffin D’Alessandro. Rachel Wilson. Bradley. Christopher Slager.